Big Fish Tuning

Meet The Team

  • John (Director)

    I’m a highly experience Projects Manager/Projects Engineer in the Power Generation/IT and Automotive industries. Which basically means that I’ve been tuning engines since before I was old enough to drive!

    I’ve successfully delivered high value (£20m+) projects on-time, on-budget to a high standard. I am highly qualified in all 3 industries, holding PRINCE2, MCSE, CCNA, MCP, MCSA, IA Foxboro and others. Extensive engine experience in gas and diesel, with in-depth knowledge of the majority of Control Systems, both engine and DCS control. Custom software development for engine controls.

    I started tuning cars in my teens and let me tell you the industry has come on leaps and bounds since those early days of aftermarket ECUs namely; Motec (M48R Pro and the M800 Series), Apexi Power FCs, and the GEMS ECUs. These ECUs were perfect for finely tuning the cars with additional features such as anti-lag and launch control for off-road rally specification or fast track days. I took Big Fish Tuning from my hobby to my full-time business back in 2008 and the business has continued to grow both in size and offering ever since.

    These days we mainly concentrate on the OEM specification ECUs fitted in standard road cars from the likes of Bosch/Siemens/Delphi and Marelli to name a few. With the help of the ever-expanding Big Fish team we have been able to expand the business to incorporate new, state of the art Dyno Developments 2WD and 4WD rolling roads, Auto Logic diagnostic tools and custom mapping software to ensure that you get the very best out of your vehicle.

  • Paul (Workshop Manager)

    I’m a highly skilled qualified motor vehicle technician with over 25 years’ experience in service, repair, fault-finding, and diagnostics. I am continually making efforts to learn new skills to keep track of the current trends and learning opportunities within the automotive industry.

    When facing the downturn of sales during the recession period I took the opportunity to garner new skills and retrained within the motorsport and performance-tuning industry. Investing funds in specialist equipment and software to allow me to do so, I achieved one of my career milestones which allowed me to continue to thrive in a depreciating economy. Working in my current role requires a level of high motivation, precise concentration and careful monitoring of vehicles engine management parameters. I am very proud and honoured to work with John in what is considered to be a highly secretive industry.

  • Pip (Sales & Marketing Manager)

    With a degree in English Language and Literature I’m also highly trained in Corporate Communication, both internally and externally, and so working at Big Fish Tuning allows my creative side to flourish with our corporate advertising, social media engagement and online presence. It wasn’t the most obvious choice but working in my family business has already been such an adventure!

    I’ve worked at Big Fish Tuning for over a year now in what has to be one of the best career moves I’ve ever made. I love what we do here and no two days are the same. The giddy excitement of seeing supercars, track cars and highly modified vehicles in our dyno cell makes every day different. Talking to our customers is one of the best parts of my job, my car knowledge has gone from ancient experience with the Army Cadets to talking through long term modification goals with our client base. You can really tell that the people who come to us truly love their cars and it’s a great feeling to see them leave with a smile on their faces.