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Motorsport Electronics

Big Fish Tuning is proud to announce our new partnership with Motorsport Electronics Ltd. Motorsport Electronics Ltd was born in 2010 from the collaboration of two software and electronics engineers tasked with the creation of a bespoke ECU for a Le Mans prototype engine. They were able to implement and build on the technology developed during this project, allowing them to bring to the fast-road/race market advanced engine management systems at reasonable prices.

ME design powerful engine management solutions using the latest technology and design principles – pushing the boundaries, while maintaining cost-effectiveness for our customers. They have tailored their software and features based on feedback from their wide network of tuners and other motorsport professionals, so that their systems are intuitive to use and deliver proven results time and time again.

“It has been a privilege to collaborate with some cutting-edge companies in the UK and Worldwide – from perfecting the ME221 Plug and Play ECU for the MX-5 in collaboration with Flyin’ Miata, through to developing the Jaguar V6 version of the ME442 for use in the MX5 Rocketeer Conversion Kit.”

  • Plugin ECUs

    ME’s PlugIn ECUs are great for a simple and rapid installation and support for factory sensors without the expense of building a new loom. You are able to re-use the factory enclosure After the success of their MX-5 ME221 plug-in ECU, every major MX-5 tuner in the UK and many around the world, including Flyin’ Miata in the USA, recommend Motorsport Electronic’s ECUs. They have since broadened their range of plug-in ECUs to suit a wider range of models and even more are in development. The ECU fits in the factory case and connects to the stock ECU adapter. A short video demonstrating the ease of install can be found here as well as this CarPassionChannel video here

    ME’s PlugIn ECUs are available as an ME221 or ME442 version with on-board wideband lambda and SD datalogging (see table below). All Motorsport Electronic’s ECUs use the same MEITE software which is very user friendly and intuitive for the calibrator.

    • MX5 NA/NB/NBFL (‘89 - ‘05) ME221/ME442
    • Toyota Starlet/Glanza EP82/EP91
    • Renault Clio 172/182 incl DBW
    • Honda S2000
    • Nissan 200SX/S13/S14 coming soon
    Features ME221 PlugIn ME442 PlugIn
    Sequential injection Yes Yes
    Sequential Ignition Yes Yes
    Coil on Plug Support Yes Yes
    DSP Knock Control Yes Yes
    Drive-by-Wire Support Yes Yes
    CANBus Channels Yes Yes
    Wideband Lambda Channel (for direct connection of an LSU 4.9 wideband sensor) No Yes
    EGT Channels No Yes
    On-Board Datalogging No MicroSD
    Gyro/Accelerometer No 6 Axis
  • ME442 Universal ECU for up to Eight Cylinder Fuel Injected Engines

    Launched at the Autosport International show in January ‘18, the ME442 is ME’s flagship ECU and supports fully sequential injection and ignition for up to eight cylinders (sixteen in wasted-spark mode). Its features include an in-built wideband controller (LSU 4.9), drive-by-wire, dual VVT control, on board data-logging, general purpose tables and much more!

    The full technical specification and listing can be found here

  • ME221 Universal ECU for Four Cylinder Engines with Fuel Injection

    One of ME’s popular products is the fully sequential, ME221 Universal ECU (fuel injection + ignition). It is available with an unterminated loom as well as other premade loom options. It is perfect for ITB or turbo builds using four cylinder engines and supports a wide range of crank/cam trigger patterns.

    For example, an ME221 ECU with a Ford (e.g Zetec, ST170) or Vauxhall (e.g. C20XE) pre-terminated loom is available for only £662.50 (£795 incl VAT) and this has all of the connectors ready to click into place for ease of installation (you can see a short video install guide here showing how easily this is set up).

    The looms that ME supply are made in a UK factory and are machine crimped as well as electrically and mechanically tested. The ECU also supports high resolution VE fuelling and ignition, closed-loop VVT control, boost control, switchable maps and windowed DSP knock control and it has been very popular with customers due to the loom quality, features and cost-effectiveness.

  • Nodiz Pro Ignition ECU

    You may also be interested in the Nodiz Pro. This ignition-only ECU is also very popular for customers running engines on carbs and features a 16x16 ignition table, support for any 36-1 and 60-2 trigger pattern, launch control and a free bluetooth dashboard for android phones. Included with the Nodiz Pro is either an unterminated loom (where you can add connectors to suit the engine), a Ford style plug and play loom or a Vauxhall style plug and play loom e.g. for C20XE engines at £249.17 (£299 incl VAT).

    You can find a video outlining the main features here and a video guide to the user friendly software is here Alternatively, you can see this on the product listings on ME’s website through this link